3 families

a variety of needs

one life insurance plan


Discover all it has to offer

Why choose pick-a-term life insurance?

when you need it

Coverage that evolves
along with
your lifestyle

  • Protect your family from financial hardship if the worst should happen
  • Ensure your financial obligations will be met:
    • Mortgage loan
    • Car loan
    • Line of credit
    • Children’s education
  • Cover your needs until retirement—and beyond

adapted to you

Coverage adapted
to meet
your specific needs

  • Choice of any term from 10 to 40 years (T10, T11, T12, T13, etc.)
  • Cost-saving face amount options:
    • Level
    • Decreasing to 50%
  • Single contract to insure all of your loans (consolidation)
  • Available additional protection such as the disability credit rider
  • Yearly renewable term (YRT) to extend your coverage
  • Possible conversion to permanent life insurance

you can afford

Coverage affordable
enough for you to keep on
enjoying life

  • With adaptable terms from 10 to 40 years, you pay only for the coverage you need
  • An affordable supplement to permanent life insurance
  • Guaranteed fixed premium
  • No additional policy fees for adding other coverages

Industrial Alliance is the only company that offers
terms of any length between 10 and 40 years.

Perfect for any family

Three Profiles, One Solution

Young parents of Elliot (age 2) and Laura (age 5) Eric Hill, age 32, and Alice Jenkins, age 31

The Hill Family

Eric, 32 years old and
Alice, 31 years old

Young professionals and new homeowners Nick Cameron, age 34, and Isabelle Cook, age 33

The Cameron Family

Nick, 34 years old and
Isabelle, 33 years old

Mother of one and new condo owner Rose Lee, age 35, and daughter Ella, age 6

The Wei Family

Mr. Wei, 60 years old, and
Mrs. Wei, 60 years old

Eric and Alice

Parents of Laura and Elliot


Their premium*

Pick-A-Term life insurance
23 years coverage term
Two individual policies

$250,000 in coverage
Eric, male, non-smoker, age 32

Monthly premium: $28.58

$250,000 in coverage
Alice, female, non-smoker, age 31

Monthly premium: $19.58

Combined monthly premium
(2 x $250,000 in protection)

Monthly premium: $48.16

*Premiums based on rates
in effect on April 29, 2013.

Pick-A-Term advantages

Protection when you need it

“We’ve got two young children at home and we both have full-time jobs, so we want to make sure our family’s standard of living can be maintained should one of us unexpectedly pass away.”

Protection adapted to you

“Since our youngest child is two years old and we want to protect our kids until they’re twenty-five, we need a coverage term of 23 years.”

Pick-A-Term is the only insurance on the market that allows you to select a term that corresponds exactly to your needs.

Protection you can afford

“With all our financial responsabilities, Pick-A-Term is enabling us to get adequate coverage at a reasonable cost. Our two individual premiums together are less than $50 per month.”

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The Camerons

New homeowners


Their premium*

Pick-A-Term life insurance
25 years coverage term
Joint first-to-die policy

$300,000 in coverage, decreasing to 50%
Nick, male, non-smoker, age 34
Isabelle, female, non-smoker, age 33

Total monthly premium: $47.52

*Premium based on rates
in effect on April 29, 2013.

Pick-A-Term advantages

Protection when you need it

“We took out a mortgage for $300,000 and we decided to insure it with Pick-A-Term so that the property won’t be lost should anything happen to one of us.”

Protection adapted to you

“Since we have a 25-year loan, we selected Pick-A-Term coverage with an equivalent term. Plus, with Pick-A-Term, we were able to get coverage that decreases as our mortgage balance goes down. This decreasing face amount means savings on our premium!”

Protection you can afford

“We’re both insured, and together our monthly premiums are under $50. With Pick-A-Term, it’s the best of both worlds—we’ve got the protection we need and we’re saving money!”

If you’re planning to buy a property or already have a mortgage and
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The Wei Family

A retired couple and owners of a new RV


Their premium*

Pick-A-Term life insurance
12 years coverage term
Joint first-to-die policy

$50,000 in coverage, decreasing to 50%
M. Wei, male, non-smoker, age 60
Mrs. Wei, female, non-smoker, age 60

Monthly premium: $51.48

*Premium based on rates
in effect on April 29, 2013.

Pick-A-Term advantages

Protection when you need it

“Our new RV is making our retirement dreams come true! We've insured our $50,000 loan on the vehicle with Pick-A-Term, so we know paying for it won’t eat away all of our retirement savings should one of us be left alone."

Protection adapted to you

“We chose a term of 12 years to match the duration of our loan. Pick-A-Term let us get coverage for the exact number of years we need.”

Terms of any length between 10 and 40 years are available with Pick-A-Term.

Protection you can afford

“In addition, Pick-A-Term let us select coverage that decreases over time, making it easier on our budget. Our combined monthly premiums are less than $52 per month. At our age, we never thought we could get such affordable life insurance!”

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